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Civil Litigation Lawyers


Civil Litigation Lawyers in Your Corner

At NEXT Legal & Conveyancing, our professional civil litigation lawyers can assist you to resolve civil disputes through settlement or as a result of litigation in Court if necessary. Our experienced team can help you to achieve an outcome which is fair, efficient and economic.

Civil Disputes

A civil case involves a dispute between people or a person and an entity about the rights or liabilities of the people or entities involved. A civil matter usually involves one or more people seeking a remedy of some kind from another person or entity to resolve a dispute between them.

The main difference between civil law matters and criminal law cases is that the prosecution for criminal cases represent the state whereas in civil law cases parties represent themselves usually with the assistance of legal representatives.

Some Common Types of Civil Cases follow:

  1. Contract Disputes: A contract dispute arises when one or more parties to a contract cannot or will not fulfil their contractual duties. Often disputes arise where terms are ambiguous or confusing or when a party makes a promise they cannot uphold.
  2. Property Disputes: Common property disputes relate to property ownership and damages to one person’s property or to real estate.
  3. Class Action Cases: Class action matters arise when a group or “class” of people commence action as a result of a common injury or issue.
  4. Torts: Torts usually arise where one party alleges that another party caused them physical or emotional injury. Some common examples of tortious cases include battery, negligence and assaults.
  5. Complaints Against the City: When a person or an entity takes action against the federal government or the city. These matters usually arise in respect of a claim that a city law or policy has caused harm to multiple citizens.

There are various other examples of civil law cases. If you think you have a civil law claim or entitlement against someone or you seek assistance with defending yourself against a civil claim, contact our office to schedule an appointment with one of our civil litigation solicitors today.

Let Our Civil Litigation Lawyers Help You By

  • Taking instructions and advising you with respect to the prospects of success of your claim or your defence
  • Corresponding with the other party and negotiating on your behalf
  • Drafting an application to the Court or to drafting your defence
  • Corresponding with the Court and experts as required
  • Preparing documents for Court including evidence
  • Representing you at Court.

Ready to chat with our friendly, professional civil litigation lawyers? We’re happy to chat about any civil litigation matters based in New South Wales.